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Buying Your First home, applying for Your First mortgage or making Your First investment can seem like daunting tasks. We’re here to make the process easier!

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Read Our Finance Blog

What Can We Help You With?

Your Mortgage

Buying your first home is always an exciting time but it can also be a stressful one. We help you navigate the entire process step-by-step!

Your Insurance

Financial literacy is very important. Learn the importance of investing your money, saving your money and making your money work for you!

Your Credit Card

A good credit card which is a right fit for your lifestyle can be the difference maker that saves you thousands of dollars every year!

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The personal finance blog is your go-to place for simple, straightforward personal finance advice for Your First everything! Read a curated collection of in-depth articles, guides and walkthroughs written by experts and fellow Canadians working in the Canadian personal finance industry!

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About is your trusted resource to find simple financial advice for your first everything! Buying your first home, applying for your first mortgage, or making your first investment should not be that difficult.

Founded by Investor, Entrepreneur and Personal Finance Expert Osman Hameed, was created to help individuals new to the world of personal finance navigate the dense & complicated Canadian financial system.

We are the best online resource for young people looking for easy financial advice, new Canadians who want to understand the intricacies of Canadian finances and financially savvy Canadians who want to better understand various financial concepts more clearly.

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