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Osman Hameed

Welcome to! 

Our mission is to help make Canadian personal finance simple! I have struggled for many years to find easy to understand financial information online. Applying for your first mortgage or buying your first car is a stressful enough process as is, but the complicated financial jargon you find online nowadays makes these processes even more difficult.

I created to help individuals new to the world of personal finance navigate the dense & complicated Canadian financial system. is a perfect resource for young people looking for easy to follow advice, new Canadians who want to understand the intricacies of the Canadian financial system and even financially savvy Canadians who want to better understand various financial concepts more clearly.

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Osman Hameed

We Want To Make A Difference!

We are a Toronto based personal finance movement with a goal to improve financial literacy in Canada!

It is bigger than just numbers. is helping to make a positive impact in many local communities across Canada by helping to improve financial literacy. We are advocating that financial literacy should become a part of the school curriculum and not something you learn later in life with great difficulty or by going through a bad experience. This is why has partnered with various Canadian organizations to raise awareness about the importance of financial literacy. 

We provide free online resources along with a weekly Podcast and informative videos to educate Canadians.


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Financial literacy is just as important as normal literacy. We live in a world of numbers, figures, and graphs. To simply “wing it” or go with the flow of things just doesn’t work. As financial literacy is not taught in school, it is your personal responsibility to educate yourself and those around you. This knowledge can be the difference between you living paycheque-to paycheque or being able to live your dream life.

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The Podcast is an interactive, personal and educational experience created by our team to educate you on the go!

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