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A Comprehensive List of Instant Approval Credit Cards in Canada

Credit cards are easy payment cards that make it easier for people to oblige with certain transactions. With instant approval credit cards in Canada, you can avoid the hectic process of filling out extensive applications, and they also get approved easily. Moreover, generic credit cards involve a long wait, even when your application or request gets rejected. 

Hence, if you don’t have the patience to wait for the status of your card, and want to know if you are getting a credit card or not within minutes, instant approval credit cards in Canada are the best choice. 

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Instant Approval Credit Cards in Canada

Instant approval credit cards in Canada

For instant approval cards, you can easily fill out an application online and know about the confirmation within a few minutes. The process initiates with you applying the online method on the issuers’ website after giving some answers that are related to your address, identity, number, etc. And just in a flick of a few minutes, you know the status of approval.

On the other hand, if you go for a retail store instant approval card in Canada, you can do so while you are shopping! After the approval, it will be sent to your mail after a week or more. 

In some instances, you will also be able to make the purchases via virtual card mode before you receive the physical card. 

However, it is crucial to know that getting to know the status in minutes doesn’t mean that you will always get it approved. 

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The Best Instant Approval Credit Cards in Canada

Acquiring any credit card means you need to retain a good credit score to create credibility. If your credit score is more than 700, you fall under the excellent category. This makes it a breeze to get any kind of card or loan approved. However, people also get approval with bad credit scores, but there is a good chance of being rejected too.

Credit Score Range

The below are the various credit score ranges.

741 – 900 = Excellent

690 – 740 = Good

660 – 689 = Average or Fair

575 – 659 = Below Average

300 – 574 = Poor

300-574: Poor 

Individuals falling in this category are the ones who have a very bad track record of paying their loans, debts, etc. They may even have declared bankruptcy. If your credit rating is in this range, you are likely to face challenges in procuring financial aids.

575-659: Below Average

This category of credit score attracts a higher interest rate if you get your application for debt approved. Also, this score range may not provide you with credit card reward programs. But, it is not impossible to change the score; start early and look after your payment frequency.

660- 689: Average or Fair

This is a good range of credit scores. 660 is the average Canadian credit score, though different provinces have different average credit scores. This scoring range would provide you great advantages like unsecured credit cards, low-interest rates, etc. This score comes when an individual has defaulted on payment once or more than once or the payments are late occasionally.

690-740: Good

If you have this credit score, amazing! It tells that you are responsible for your debt payments and there are hardly any delays from your side. This would provide you with loans and credit very easily and interest rates would also be lower. You are likely to receive rewards or cashback cards, too.

741-900: Excellent 

This is the highest credit rating range. If you are in this range, you would get credit at a very low interest rate. It says that there are no late payments and you pay your monthly debt in full. This credit score range would ensure easy access to debt if needed.

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List of Credit Cards

1. Neo Mastercard

This Mastercard has three options to choose from Ultra, Plus, and Standard. With a regular card, you do not incur an annual fee, and you can get approval for it even when your credit card score is lower than 600. If you qualify for all requirements, you will get instant approval.

  • Neo Mastercard (Standard)

You get the reward of 5% cashback on all the partners and 1% cashback on all purchases, which is a minimum limit. You also get 15% cashback as a welcome offer. The interest rates range from 19.99%-24.99% on purchases, 21.99%-26.99% for cash advances. You don’t have to pay an annual fee. And you can combine the Neo Card with a savings product and get 1.30% interest on the balance in your savings account.

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2. Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card

The Tangerine Money-Back Credit card is a very easy instant approval credit card to acquire in Canada. You only need a credit score of around 600 and you can get instant approval if you have a minimum income of $12,000 or more. 

  • Tangerine Money-Back credit 

You can earn rewards of up to 2% on over 3 spending categories without any limits and 0.05% on the other categories. The interest rates stand at 19.95% for cash advances, balance transfers, and purchases. As a welcome offer, you get 15% extra cashback on an amount of up to $1,000 for every purchase in the first 2 months (value is $150). You don’t have to pay an annual fee for this card.

With this instant approval credit card in Canada, you get purchase security and an extended warranty with insurance coverage. You can also get approval for Tangerine World Mastercard if your income is $60,000. 

For this card, you will get cashback to earn rates and different perks like:

  • Mobile device insurance
  • Rental Car insurance
  • Free Boingo Wi-fi
  • Complimentary membership with Mastercard Airport Experiences by LougeKey

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3. American Express Cobalt Card

You can get easy approval on an American Express Cobalt Card with a good credit score. This premium credit card will move you back to $12.99 per month but is also accompanied by many benefits. 

  • American Express Cobalt Card

Get rewards as 5x on food and drink, 3x points on eligible streaming subscriptions, 2x points on travel, and 1x points on everything else. In your first year, get a bonus of up to 50,000 points. You will have an interest rate of 21.99% on cash advances and 20.99% on purchases. The annual fee is $155.88. 

You also get travel insurance benefits. Purchase protection, mobile device insurance, extended warranty benefits, etc. 

4. Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard

If you have been a loyal customer at Canadian Tire and the other connected stores like Sport Chek, Mark’s, etc. this card is worth having. You can get this card by online application or at a store location of a Canadian Tire store. Once you get this card, you can make purchases instantly with the card. 

  • Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard

Get 1.5% cashback on CT Money on grocery purchases, 4% on purchases in Canadian Tire and other connected stores, and more. The interest rates are 22.99% on cash advances and 19.99% on purchases. You pay no annual fee. You also get 5 cents on each liter of gas purchases at Gas+ and other participating Husky stations. However, the purchases cashback is not valid for Costco and Walmart. If your income is over $80,000, you also get the premium card Triangle World Elite Mastercard. 

5. KOHO Prepaid Visa Card

You get rewards of 0.50% cashback on the purchases, 1.20% interest rates on the balance. As a welcome bonus, you get $20 on the 1st purchase. The interest rates and annual fees are not imposed. 

This KOHO Visa Card is an instant approval credit card in Canada that you can apply for even with bad credit, you can start making purchases instantly through an in-app virtual card. With this card, you can easily improve your credit score by subscribing to its credit building service. 

Some other perks of the KOHO Card include unlimited debit transactions, Interac E-transfers, budgeting tools, and more. You can also upgrade to KOHO Premium for $9 per month and $84 a year. 

6. SimplyCash Card From American Express

This is flat-rate cash which is very prominent and used widely. You can also get instant approval on this card.

  • SimplyCash Card From American Express

With this card, you get 1.25% cashback on your purchases. The welcome offer provides 4% cash back for the 1st six months for the value of $200. The interest rate on cash advances is 21.99% and on purchases, it is 19.99%. There is no annual fee levied on the card. 

Additionally, the SimplyCash Amex also gives you travel accident insurance coverage. You can increase your cashback and acquire good travel insurance from the Simplycash preferred Card from AMEX.

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7. PC Financial MasterCard

At Loblaw’s President’s Choice Bank, you get immediate instant approval credit cards. This PC Financial MasterCard gives PC optimum points which you can use for groceries, gas, etc.

  • PC Financial Mastercard

The rewards are 25 points per $1 at Shoppers Drug Mart, 10 points/$1 at Loblaw-banner grocery stores; and 30 points at Esso/Mobil, etc. The interest rates are 22.97% on cash advances and 20.97% on purchases. There is no annual fee

You can combine a PC Money Account with more PC optimum points. If the personal annual income is around $80,000, and more rewards by getting qualified for Premium PC cards. 

8. Plastk Secured Credit Card

If you are more leaning towards a secured instant approval credit card in Canada, this might be the best choice for you. Once you get this card, you can pair it with access rewards for spending. 

  • Plastk Secured Credit Card

You can make your purchases by redeeming the points. The interest rates are 21.99% on cash advances and 17.99% on purchases. You can also get 5000 points and acquire 0% APR for 3 months. The annual fee comes down to $54 with a maintenance fee of $6 included. 

You need to make a minimum security deposit of $300 and can get a limit of up to $10,000.

9. Scotiabank Gold American Express Card

If you are an average credit score holder, the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card is the quickest way to get approval for a credit card. This card comes loaded with premium features and the advantages are good as compared to its low annual fee. 

  • Scotiabank Gold American Express

With this card, you will get 5x score points $1 on items like goods, delivery, grocery, etc., and 3x or $1 on travel and gas and 1x/$1 points on other categories. You can redeem points of over $400 value which equals 40,000 points. The interest rates are 22.99% on cash advances and 19.99% on purchases. The annual fee for the same card is $120. Your foreign fee is waived on this card, and it also gives benefits like:

  • You get the security for purchases and an extended warranty. 
  • Complimentary priority pass membership.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance benefits. 

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10. BMO Preferred Rate Mastercard

These MasterCard will help you save on interest fees if you need to make credit card transactions often. The generic interest rate on instant approval credit cards in Canada stands at 19.99%, while this card only charges 12.99%.

  • BMO Preferred Rate Mastercard

The welcome offer on this card is 3.99% on the introductory balance transfer rate for 9 months, where a 1% fee is applicable and a $20 annual fee is not imposed in the first year. 15.99% interest rate on cash advances and 12.99% on purchases. The annual fee for this card is $20. 

The BMO card also comes with purchase protection and a warranty that is extended and with coverage. 

You can also consider the following instant approval credit cards in Canada:

Scotiabank SCENE Visa Card

This card is ideal for students and people who have limited credit transactions. 

BMO CashBack Mastercard

A card that is suitable for people who are looking for good cashback rates which you can qualify for easily. 

Brim Financial Management

The BRIM card is a cashback card with no fees. This comes in other variants like Premium World and World Elite. 

The Best Instant Approval Card in Canada for Students

Instant approval credit cards in Canada

If you are a student who is looking for a credit card, but you have a limited income and different credit score requirements, you can opt for these best instant approval credit cards for students:

  • Simplii Financial Cash Back Visa
  • Tangerine Money-back credit card
  • KOHO Prepaid Visa
  • Scotiabank SCENE Card
  • Neo Financial Mastercard

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Instant Approve Cards for People with Bad Credit Scores

If your credit score falls below the stellar category, you can still get instant approval on the following cards:

  • Capital One Guaranteed Mastercard
  • Plastk Secured Credit Card
  • KOHO Prepaid Visa.
  • STACK Prepaid Mastercard

STACK and KOHO are prepaid cards, while Capital One and Plastk need you to provide collateral. 

Instant Approval Retail Credit Cards

The retail credit card gives you approval without much hassle. They are also not burdened with large annual fees. These cards are:

  • Walmart Rewards Mastercard
  • PC Financial Mastercard
  • Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard

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Eligibility for Instant Approval Credit Cards in Canada

  • You must be a permanent resident or Canadian.
  • Should be at least 18 years or of the province-approved maturity age. 
  • You should possess a good credit score. 
  • You should not have announced bankruptcy recently. 
  • There should be compliance with minimum income requirements. 
  • Pass the checks passed by the banks/financial institutions. 
  • Once you comply with the requirements of the issuers, you have to select the links and then go to their website and fill out the application. 

Well, consider this article as your guide for instant approval of credit cards in Canada. I hope you found it helpful. 

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