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Best Cashback Websites in Canada in 2022

Who doesn’t like saving money even when spending money? The best way to do so is to earn cashback on your shopping. To help you with this, we have created a list of cashback websites in Canada for 2022. They will lead you to reduce the costs of shopping or nifty purchases from stores or online.

You can increase your savings with a dash of luck with this list. So without any further wait, let’s get started!  

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List of Best Cashback Websites in Canada

You can join most of these sites for free and can earn cashback and exciting offers. That would save your money in the most fun way possible. Let’s take a look at them!


Rakuten is the old trustee website that provides cashback on online shopping. It was also called Ebates in the previous time, you can find it in Japan, U.S., and Canada. 

On creating a free account you get a $30 bonus and in Canada, you can find over 750+ stores that are present on it. You have to go to Rakuten, find your store, and then shop through the website. 

The website makes the use of cookies to follow what you buy and earn during your time spent on it. What you earn from the cashback varies. The discounts can range from 1%-30% and you can activate the extension of Rakuten as you use it on a browser.

The cashback will be depicted to you 4 times every year – in February, May, August, and November. You can get the payment through an Amazon gift card or PayPal. The minimum payout limit is $5.01.

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KOHO is not like the other cash-back websites. You are allowed to use your KOHO prepaid card everywhere, and earn the cashback.

KOHO members are not only eligible for cash backs but they also get a free budgeting application that regulates their savings, early payroll, and does price matching. They also acquire good interest rates on their balance.

When you sign in on KOHO, you get a $20 bonus. The prepaid card is reloadable which gives you 0.50% cashback on each purchase. All you have to do is pay via the card to get the cashback in your balance.

You can add funds through your bank account. Interac e-transfers are also free of cost. The cashback you get can be utilized for further purchases or you can move it to your bank account. There is no minimum limit for this. If you intend to shop a lot, you can upgrade to a 2% premium cashback card for more earning.

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Drop App 

You can use the Drop cashback app from Toronto on iOS and Android and it has 4 million users and accounting.

All you have to do is to download the free application and link your bank account. This is one of the best cashback websites in Canada. You will receive points on buying from the retailers on the app, you can trade these points for a gift card.

Drop will trace your purchases for over 400 brands and add the points to your account directly. You can also get paid for playing games and participating in surveys. 1,000 drop points mean $1, and the minimum threshold amount is $25, and you can trade them for a gift card. 

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Great Canadian Rebates

GCR is a Canada-based version of Rakuten. It has an association with over 700 brands and U.S. retailers that deliver to Canada. If you want a new credit card, you can find great offers of $100 gift cards in this app.

When you sign in to the app, you will get a $3 welcome bonus. Before making any purchase, you should check out the availability of the store in GCR. You should remove ad blockers in any lest you lose the rebates. Your cashback is credited to the account within 72 hours. 

If you download the GCR toolbar addon, you will automatically receive alerts while shopping on the present websites. You can redeem the cashback for direct deposit, gift cards,  and PayPal payment. The minimum amount is $12. If you refer friends to this platform, you will get 15% on their cashback for 3 years. 


Ampli is supported by RCB. You can find it on the Play store and google store. All you have to do is install the free app, acquire a $5 welcome bonus once you link your card or account. You will get cashback on purchasing from the in-store participating brands. 

The withdrawal is allowed from e-Transfer and Interac with a minimum limit of $15.

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Founded in 2015, Caddle gives you cash-back on grocery purchases. You can download the app and get a $1 bonus. You can see new offers on the app all week and get cashback on grocery-related errands, then upload your receipt through the app.

The cashback is credited to the account within a window of 24-72 hours. You can also get paid for filling questionnaires and giving feedback on video ads. This is one of the incredible cashback websites in Canada.


Swagbucks pays you for shopping, games, surveys, and more. The website says that it has paid more than $591 million to its users since it was found. 

You can sign in and get a $5 bonus. It has 1,500 retailers and earns SBs or Swagbucks for every dollar that you spend. You can redeem these points in exchange for PayPal cash, prepaid cards, and gift cards. 


The browser extension, Honey alerts you for offers on over 40,000 websites. You can also access the Honey Gold, rebates, etc that have the same operations as Rakuten. 

All you have to do is install the extension on your browser, be it Firefox, Edge, or Chrome. This extension will find your coupons and automatically apply them to your cart. When you earn the “Gold” through Honey Gold and exchange it for gift cards.

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TopCashback Canada

Just like Rakuten, TopCashback also helps you to get cashback from thousands of retailers available on the platform. This company is operable in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K.

All you have to do is create the account and go to the website before making any online purchase. Click on the retailers from whom you want to shop. The cashback will go into your account within 7 days. 

You can redeem these rewards from PayPal or as Amazon and Walmart gift cards and Visa prepaid cards.

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Checkout 51

You can get exciting offers on this grocery rewards app each Thursday. You have to download the app and look at the many offers every week. Do the purchase on the stores available and upload the receipt with the app. 

You can withdraw the earnings on a minimum amount of $20 and the cheque will be mailed to your address.

Maximize Rewards from Cashback Websites in Canada

You can maximize your cashback potential by using cash-back credit cards to pay. For instance, a Tangerine money-back credit card gives you 2% cashback on categories of gas, entertainment, grocery, etc.

You can also combine the offers of multiple sites. For example- You can use the  KOHO prepaid card for offers on Caddle, Rakuten, or Checkout 51. Also, use browser extensions since you can often forget to go to the cash-back website, then an extension will give you alerts for the same. 

It would require you to research a bit and have good hands on searching the web, but with time, you will ace getting great deals on cashback websites in Canada. 

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