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Creative Side Hustles in Canada to Increase Your Earnings in 2022

The new year has started and with that comes new opportunities for each chapter in our lives. There is always a chance to improve things, especially related to finance. The best way you achieve success in this avenue is by doing something like the side gig. Here we have brought you a list of creative side hustles in Canada for which you don’t even need any experience. Without much a due, let’s quickly jump into the article.

1. Earn Bucks with Swag from Swagbucks

An efficient way to have a creative side hustle in Canada, by just doing a plethora of different tasks including but not limited to web searching, online shopping, and so on. You will get paid for what you will do in the form of rewards that you can cash in, in the form of vouchers or gift cards of famous e-commerce giants (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.) or real cash through PayPal. To add numbers here, Swagbucks has disbursed more than $595 million to date. Not only that, you get a sweet welcome bonus of $5.

Similar sites that you can pay attention to are:

  • Lifepoints: This survey site offers tons of great surveys.
  • Ipsos i-Say: A perfect example of a site that pays well for surveys.
  • Survey Junkie: Get lots of paid surveys every week.
  • InboxDollars: A $5 bonus and you get paid for online surveys.
  • Daily Rewards: Earn real cash and a sweet sum of $5 as a registration bonus.
  • Branded Surveys: Take paid surveys in your free time.

2. Make Money from Research Studies

If you are/want to be good in Research, this is a creative side hustle option you don’t want to lose. Companies in market research are present to give you rewards for the work you do (like testing products, analyzing, and providing valuable feedback). 

Not only that, they allow you to keep the product that you tested. Vindale Research and Pinecone Research for this. Besides, you can find a university, research company looking for tasks like this.

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3. Exercise and Make Your Bank Account Healthy

Creative Side Hustles in Canada

What if you are paid to become more healthy and fit? That’s just right, become healthy and then wealthy. Here are various ways you can do:

  • Diet Bet: If you want to lose weight, then this is for you. They have paid $62 million so far to members for losing weight.
  • Sweatcoin: Walk and Exercise to get paid and redeem your earnings through fitness gear, Apple watches, cash, and iPhones.
  • Healthy Wage: Win cash prizes by starting with a weight loss plan.
  • Achievement: Track your daily activities like steps, sleep, meals, meditation, and more for free.
  • Rakuten: Firstly, get a $10 bonus on sign-up and then earn cash backs on fitness-related purchases.

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4. Try Your Hands on Food Delivery Service

No one hates food, being a food lover, you get the opportunity to satisfy someone else’s love for food by delivering it to them.

DoorDash and Postmasters compensate you for using your transportation to deliver food at your convenience to customers. This can be one of the creative side hustles in Canada. There are other food delivery companies, too, that are in a similar business model.

5. Let the Dog Increase Your Cash Inflow

If you are a dog lover, this can intrigue you more as you are getting paid for taking care of dogs. Take them to the park and make this paw-ssible.

One of the popular dog services is Rover, giving you the opportunity to show some love to dogs at your own time and even prices in many cases. Insurance is omnipresent; hence they provide $1M in insurance coverage with good backend support. Couldn’t think of any creative side hustle in Canada other than doing what you love!

6. Lending and Making Money

You got it right, you can lend others money at a high-interest rate and earn. The majority of their people see positive returns. And if history is any guide, then you can earn returns between 3-11%. Not to mention, these are higher returns than savings accounts. 

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7. Proofread and Make Money

If you like proofreading, then you and proofreading are made for each other, as you can earn money by doing what you like. This is one of the most creative side hustles in Canada as it does not require a lot of capital.

8. Do Shopping and Make Money

How about you earn while you shop groceries for others in the store? If that sounds like a perfect deal, then it is. You can do it on your own time and also extend the courtesy of delivering the groceries to the customer. If we look at some data, then you can earn $11 and $20 per hour and receive a weekly payout.

9. Become a Web Designer and Design Another Source of Income

You don’t need to be a genius to design a basic website. There are various themes like Elegant themes with a couple of benefits like pre-installed with different ready-made layouts. And you can have a website running in just a few hours.

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10. Become a Flipper and Earn like a Skipper

Another creative side hustle in Canada is where you can buy items at cheap rates from yard sales, auctions, etc., and resell them for a handsome profit.

11. Earn Money while Writing

Creative Side Hustles in Canada

This just reminds me of me. Earn by writing blogs for businesses. You can be paid per word based on various factors. Write one of your favorite topics and earn while you write. With the digital boom, it cannot be a better time to leverage your skills of writing and earn thousands of dollars.

12. Rent Car and Earn

Not only can you rent out your house, but also a car when it is ideal. Just list your car on this free platform known as Turo and get started with it within a few minutes.

You earn 60% to 90% of the rental fee and it depends on the type of insurance package you choose. Even if you occasionally rent, you can make up to close to thousand dollars per month.

13. Make Money by Starting Home Daycare

If you love kids, then it’s about time that your love should be paid. Non-working moms can indulge themselves in this creative side hustle in Canada and get paid.

Large cities are the market you should be looking to leverage. Working parents are in need to find this kind of service and there are only a few daycare centers.

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14. Negotiate and Spend Less

There are many apps in the market like Paytm, where you can earn healthy rewards and cashback and in turn reduce your overall bills. Get some cash back after you pay bills (phone, internet, electricity, rent, tuition, etc.) online.

15. Become a Stella & Dot Stylist & Make Money

Fashion enthusiasts can raise their hands. This side hustle is great for moms that stay at home and can manage a side gig or any other who are passionate about fashion. You can easily make more than a thousand dollars by becoming a Stella and Dot Stylist.

The task from the work is simple where you sell and promote affordable jewelry, clothes, tips to look nice, other accessories, etc. Not only that but you are also provided with a website for the promotion of your own business and increase your revenue stream. Take advantage of social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook) to promote your products. Given today’s time, you can earn commission as much as 35 percent of total sales.

A creative side hustles in Canada to put your skills, time to productive use.

16. Rent Out Room and Give Room to your Finances to Grow

As obvious as it may sound, you can earn by renting your spare room. List on Airbnb and you get potential tenants to help you generate another source of income.

Estimates say that you can roughly earn close to $900/month from one tenant. Use Airbnb’s calculator to change other variables and get a reasonable estimate of what you might earn.

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17. Buy and Sell Domain Names and Earn Money

If you are a techie and want to have another source of income, you can create your own domain. Selling these domains even in a few thousand is still a lucrative deal. If you are too lazy to create one by yourself, you can purchase domains on 1&1 Internet and GoDaddy and sell them at a higher price, locking in gains.

A few examples to have a touch of reality are – got sold out at close to $50 million in the year 2010 and sellers made more than $15 million in the year 2015. Guess what, you have a new list of overnight millionaires of these owners.

For starters, one site is Flippa where you can give a good head start to your domain business.

18. Day Care, Dog, and Money

Creative Side Hustles

A good news for dog lovers – they can provide daycare services through Rover to cats and dogs.

If you are emotionally attached to that golden retriever, consider boarding him/her overnight and try to make extra income.

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19. Sell Your Clutter and Make it Matter

Now you have got one chance to make your mom happy by selling out your old stuff. Stuffs like CDs, DVDs, electronic devices, clothes, games, books, etc., and sell them if you no longer need them.

Markets for this unwanted stuff are quite large and you can sell online on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay.

Another potential service provider is Declutter which helps you to get rid of your old stuff. They have a nice track record of payments, where they have paid roughly $0.3 billion to date. Other advantages include free shipping and payments are made in a day.

ThreadUp, OfferUp, Book Scouter, and Letgo are other places to sell your unwanted stuff and make money for what it’s worth.

20. Rent Your Driveway or Parking Space and Earn Money

If you have free parking space, then rent it out to others to park. This becomes even more lucrative if you live in an area that is busy or close to a game or music venue where there are opportunities to make optimum utilization of your parking space.

Not only cars, but you can also rent out space for boats or RVs if your driveway is rarely used.

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21. Write an Ebook, Sell it on Amazon, Increase Your Net Worth

If you want to please anyone who is an avid reader, and want to satisfy your hobby of writing then you can publish your eBook on Amazon kindle. You are not just confined to any genre; it can be anything from fiction to nonfiction. The upside to it is you can make up to 70% in royalties through Amazon KDP.

This way, you can avert the impediments presented by the traditional publishing industry.

22. Start a YouTube Channel to Create Another Channel to Earn Money

It is one of the most creative side hustles in Canada due to the advancement of technologies. Make videos of your interest that people find some value watching and upload them on YouTube. 

As your channel attracts subscriptions, views, and likes, you can capitalize on it by earning cash through advertisements, sponsorships, and product reviews. Your channel can sync with other affiliations to sell courses, other products, or market any relevant stuff.

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23. Help Your Neighbourhood and Earn

There are other creative and general services you can offer to increase your income. Just do good marketing by advertising your services in the local newspapers, magazines and start earning in your free time. Services that you can start are:

  • Shovel snow
  • Clean houses
  • Clean windows
  • Groom Pets
  • Car Washing
  • Babysit
  • Mow lawns and rake leaves

24. Donate and Make Money

If you want yourself to indulge in a good cause then this one fits your bucket. If you are fit and fine then you can earn money by donating blood, sperm, plasma, breast milk, etc.

Donors generally make up to thousand dollars per donation. Do good, feel good, and sleep well.

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25. Create, Sell T-shirts, and Earn Money

This does not only give you an opportunity to build a side gig, but also a full-time business if you are creative enough. You can simply sell customized T-Shirts online and make money.

TeeSpring provides the opportunity to design your own customized T-shirts without any cost. Moreover, they handle other customer-sensitive stuff like shipping, customer service, and production. All a Risk-free endeavor, and get paid for the sales.

Analogous sites to create your business are Zazzle, RedBubble, and CafePress.

26. Excel in Graphic Design & Design a New Way to Earn

If you are passionate about design, then you can use software like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and get paid for what you do.

There are N number of things you can try your hands on like designing logos, magazines, apps, stationery, websites, posters, magazines, eBook covers, etc. Your wait to know where you can leverage your designing skills is over. 99 Designs and Fiverr are the places you can earn a decent amount by showing your designing skills.

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27. Drive Your Way to Earn More

If you want your Driving hobby to be put to work, then Lyft and Uber just provide you with that opportunity. You can drive for these ride-sharing services at your convenience using your own car. 

It makes you just a step away to fulfil that. You just need to sign up and drive. You can expect a weekly payout.


While I have shared 27 creative side hustles in Canada, you can pick a few and be creative in that. Technology has acted as a boon and made things possible that seemed impossible a few years back. Doing side hustle not only generates you passive income but also results in the overall well-being and innovation of the society.

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Devanshee Dave

Devanshee is a staff writer at She is a finance enthusiast and has completed her Master’s degree in Mass Communication & Journalism. She has worked as a journalist in a local business newspaper, multiple start-ups as well as finance and economy-related online media houses.

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